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A. Parenting Pivot Challenge 2020: 

Opening Session

Beth Bruno: Why Story Matters

Chris Bruno: Intentional Parenting

Sally Burke: Prayers

Dr Gary Chapman: 5 Love Languages

Steve & Lisa Cuss: Parenting Anxiety

Dr Sandra Dalton Smith: Burnout

Tracy Foster: Teens and Technology

Ryan Frederick: Family Discipleship

Jon Gordon: Positivity

Adam Griffin: Family Discipleship

Bethany Hamilton: Overcoming Challenges

Rob Hoskins: Global Youth Culture

Michael & Megan Hyatt: Planning Your Days

Dr Kathy Koch: Toughest Conversation

Stephen Mackey: 4 Commitments Helping Kids to Live in Their God Given Identity

Dr Mark Mayfield: Teen Depression

Dr Sean McDowell: Doubt about Faith

Dr Jeff Myers: Conquering Fear and Dread

Arlene Pellicane: Kids & Technology

Kara Powell: Faith in an Anxious World

Scott Schimmel: Discovering Meaning in All of This

Dr Julie Slattery: Sexuality

John Stonestreet: Culture

Jon Sundt: Addiction

Dr Larry Taylor: School

Jon Tyson: Becoming an Intentional Father

Rich Wilkerson, Jr: Who are You Becoming

Jeff Wofford: How to Raise Kids in a Seductive World


B. Technology & Teens Summit 2020:


Arlene Pellicane: Thriving in a Tech-Centered World
Andy Crouch: The Tech-Wise Family
Hillary and Christoph Gruener: Raising Emotionally Healthy Kids

Dr. Kathy Koch: Why Teens Love Technology
Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith: How to Have a Well-Rested Teen (and Parent!)
Kirk Cameron: Connect with and Reach Your Teen

Heather MacFadyen: Don’t Do Technology Alone
Maggie John: The Power of Listening on Every Platform
Chris McKenna: Teaching Digital Citizenship

Sally Burke: Role of Prayer in Technology
Tim Cleary: Everything You Need to Know About Video Games
Mark Oestreicher: The Need to Belong
David Eaton: Smartphone Sanity


C. Mental Health Summit 2020:


Jessie Minassian: Women’s Identity: Beauty, Cutting, & Porn
Craig Groeschel: Raising Biblically Based World Changers
Dr. Les Parrott: Fostering Genuine, Healthy Relationships through Family

Dr. Mark Mayfield: Teen Depression, Anxiety & Suicidal Thoughts
Macy Rae + Ginger Klein: Reasons to Have Open Communication
Steve Arterburn: Understanding Depression and Anxiety in Teens
Bonus Video: Jerusha Clark

Chris Bruno: Why are Teens Drawn to Pornography?
Dr. Juli Slattery: Sexuality in the Next Generation
Dr. Doug Weiss: Addiction: Embracing Freedom and Restoration in Jesus

Dr. Timothy Keller: Mentorship Model: Parenting through Today’s Culture
Ryan Dobson: Imperfect Parenting
Brett Ullman: Listening in the Midst of Struggle


D. Recognizing Your Sons Needs For Respect (Emerson Eggerichs):

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5


E. EFCA: ReachStudents Training Series:
Password: RSTr@iningSeries2021

Andrew  Root: The End of Youth Ministry?

Leneita Fix: Who is Gen Z? (and how we misinterpret the data)

Kara Powell: Equipping Parents: What Families Need to Know About Teenagers’ Mental Health



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